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The Fifth Spirits

Lollipop Peach - Jar

Lollipop Peach - Jar

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    Satisfy your sweet tooth with our Lollipop Peach - Jar Edition! Infused with Tito's Vodka, Buzzballz Peach, Smirnoff Peach Lemonade, and real peach puree, this cocktail is the perfect blend of refreshment and fun. Drink it straight from the jar for an unforgettable experience. (Warning: may cause serious lollipop cravings.)

    • 1 Tito's Vodka 200ml 
    • 3 Buzzballz Peach 200ml 
    • 3 Smirnoff Peach Lemonade 50ml 
    • 1 Dole Pineapple 6oz 
    • 1 Simply Squeeze Real Syrup Peach 16.9oz 
    • 2 Sour Patch Kids 2oz 

      *The flavors on sodas or snacks may vary based on their availability.

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