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The Fifth Spirits

Juicy Mango Beatballz- Bag

Juicy Mango Beatballz- Bag

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Introducing the Juicy Mango Beatballz - Bag Edition! Our irresistible Beatbox Mango combined with spicy Buzzballz Chili Mango and smooth Camarena Silver creates a mouth-watering cocktail experience. And don't forget the finishing touch of Sour Patch for a flavor explosion in every sip (and bite)!

  • 1 Beatbox Mango 500ml
  • 1 Buzzballz Chili Mango 200ml
  • 2 Camarena Silver 50ml
  • 2 Sour Patch Single Pack
  • 1 Lucas Candy

      *The flavors on sodas or snacks may vary based on their availability.

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