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The Fifth Spirits

Emerald Universe - Jar

Emerald Universe - Jar

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    Unleash your wild side with Emerald Universe - Jar Edition. This intoxicating cocktail features Absolut Vodka, Buzzballz Forbidden Apple, and Kinky Green. Sip on the unexpected with Absolut Cocktail Pineapple Martini and Smirnoff Sour Green. The perfect blend of bold flavor and fun, all in one jar! (Only 50 words!)

    • 2 Absolut Vodka 200ml 
    • 1 Buzzballz Forbidden Apple 200ml 
    • 2 Kinky Green 50ml 
    • 1 Absolut Pineapple Martini 12oz 
    • 2 Smirnoff Sour Green 50ml 
    • 1 Warheads Green Apple 12oz 
    • 1 Dole Pineapple 6oz 
    • 1 Nerd's Gummy Clusters 3oz 

    *The flavors on sodas or snacks may vary based on their availability.

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