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The Fifth Spirits

Strawberry Hennessy Island - Bear/Duck

Strawberry Hennessy Island - Bear/Duck

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Experience the tropical flavors with our Strawberry Hennessy Island - Bear/Duck Edition. Crafted with high-quality Hennessy, Absolute vodka, 99Brand peach, blue raspberry, this drink is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of calypso strawberry lemonade and the tanginess of dry fruit. Indulge in a refreshing taste of paradise.

  • 1 Hennessy VS 200ml 
  • 1 Smirnoff Vodka 200ml 
  • 2 99 Brand Peach 50ml 
  • 2 99 Brand Blue Raspberry 50ml 
  • 1 Calypso Strawberry Lemonade 16oz 
  • 1 Dry Fruit 

*The flavors on sodas or snacks may vary based on their availability.

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