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The Fifth Spirits

Beatballz Blue Peach - Jar

Beatballz Blue Peach - Jar

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    Pump up your party with Beatballz Blue Peach - Jar Edition! This mix of Beatbox Blue Razzberry, Buzzballz Peach, Smirnoff Blue Lemonade, 99 Brand Sour Berry, and a sweet twist of Gummy Bears and Pixy Stix will have you feeling berry-tastic.

    • 2 Beatbox Blue Razzberry 500ml
    • 2 Buzzballz Peach
    • 1 Smirnoff Blue Lemonade 50ml
    • 1 99 Brand Sour Berry 50ml
    • 2 Gummy Bear 1.5oz
    • 1 Pixy Stix

    *The flavors on sodas or snacks may vary based on their availability.

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